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Portraits in a City

Portraits in a City” is a photographic reportage about an imaginary Montreal. Here, the City is not a defined location, but a collective construct. The City and its themes — like winter, the East, or strongmen — are a dream made by its inhabitants, they’re not exactly a myth, but neither are they completely real. They are permeable, they impregnate and feed off of each other.

These are 35mm photographs taken over the course of a year, in 2016 and 2017.

Street photography is a bit like jazz music, it’s not a random process — it’s improvisation.

Born in 1967 in the cosmopolitan city of Montreal, Rico Michel is a graphic designer, portrait / street photographer, and local musician. Rico has a minimalistic approach to photography that is foremost about people and their stories. He believes photography participates in the creation and nourishment of a modern-day mythology; his images aren’t about a specific moment in time but rather an imagined world that can only exist in our minds.