Cuba, Another Revolución

Cuba, Another Revolution” is a photography project ​that aims at documenting the historic changes that are currently underway on the island of Cuba.

The short pitch could be: “When will McDonalds open their first restaurant in Cuba? I want to be there.” Of course, it might take years before we see this specific event happen, but the mighty American giant already has its foot in the door. Another cuban revolución is happening at this very moment.

I’m very much interested in witnessing and telling about how these tremendous changes will affect the proud and well-educated people of Cuba. After all, this is one of the last socialist countries in the world, standing only a few miles off of the US coast. The events are — obviously — historic; they will shake the Cuban society right down to its deep-seated revolutionary roots.

I’m interested in telling that story from every cuban’s perspective: government officials, doctors, cigar shop managers, and the old man who plays chess in the corner café. What do they stand to lose, and are they prepared to fight to preserve it?

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