Film photography ramblings

The extra-long lasting flavor

96% of the time, film photography wouldn’t be your wisest choice. Although the negative is a physical object, the qualities of film are mostly intangible — maybe it’s about a certain mystique. Me personally, I just love it more. One thing for sure, film isn’t right now. Film is the anti-instantaneous, the extra-long lasting flavor.

Here’s a checklist to help with your decision:

  • it moves very quickly
  • you would like subpixel accuracy
  • you’ll be back to where there’s electricity by tonight for sure
  • it’s not in Antartica or the Sahara
  • you need to feed the internet
  • you wonder what I’m talking about

If any of the above is true, then you may want to go digital instead.

Nostalgic, but not retro

I ask myself: is there a specific kind of story that would be better told on film?

I wouldn’t call it “retro”, because that would mean something that’s already over. Maybe film photography is about some kind of nostalgia, a yearning for a place you remember, where memories and stories intertwine and can easily pass for one another. Could there be such a place here in 2017? Come along, let’s see if we can find it.

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