Midsummer Reverie — A short film about summertime in Montreal

Midsummer Reverie” is a short documentary film about midsummer in Montreal, Quebec, shot in July 2017. The idea follows from my work both as a street photographer and as a musician, bringing these labours of love together in one small homage to my home city, Montreal. Camera and Soundtrack by Rico.

”Midsommar“ (the Swedish word for midsummer) is the traditional nordic celebration of the Summer Solstice, which happens when the path of the Earth around the sun brings the brightest and warmest days of the year. In scandinavian countries, winters are especially harsh, sometimes giving only an hour of sunlight a day. In contrast, Midsummer is a time of feverish release, rather than a time of solitude and melancholy.

In Quebec, the midsummer solstice is celebrated on June 24th, the national holiday of Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

In music, a reverie is an instrumental piece carrying a dreamy or musing state. In french, ”rêverie“ means rejoicing, revelry, or day dreaming.

© 2017 Rico Michel

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