Midsummer Reverie — A short film about summertime in Montreal

Midsummer Reverie” is a short documentary film about midsummer in Montreal, Quebec, shot in July 2017. The idea follows from my work both as a street photographer and as a musician, bringing these labours of love together in one small homage to my home city, Montreal. Camera and Soundtrack by Rico.

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Event photography by Rico

A few digital shots from my work as a portrait and event photographer.

Analog MTL 2017 photo exhibition

Second edition of the analog photography exhibition Analog MTL, showing twelve Montreal artist photographers, organized by Aye Mag, in Montreal, June 2017.


Le plateau Mont-Royal is an actual geological plateau that was formed 125 million years ago by the volcanic activities of the Mount Royal. Le Plateau begins with the steep Sherbrooke slope (cyclists beware), sits on the right of the mountain, and ends north and east with the railroad tracks.

This Montreal arrondissement affectionately known as La République du Plateau was built in the 1900s as a working-class neighborhood, and has over the years become a much fabled area. Unlevel floors and leaking windows notwithstanding, le Plateau stands today as cultural stronghold, retaining most of its small town spirit centered around Mont-Royal avenue.

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Film photography ramblings

Film photography ramblings
Film photography — Everything that can go wrong will eventually go wrong

The extra-long lasting flavor

96% of the time, film photography wouldn’t be your wisest choice. Although the negative is a physical object, the qualities of film are mostly intangible — maybe it’s about a certain mystique. Me personally, I just love it more. One thing for sure, film isn’t right now. Film is the anti-instantaneous, the extra-long lasting flavor.

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Portraits, not in landscape

Street portraits from “Portraits in a City” which aren’t included in the front page slide show as they didn’t fit the wider landscape format.

iPhoneography happens

Sometimes the best camera is the one you can pull out and shoot in less than ten seconds.